Art Education/Art Therapy

A major in Art Education/Art Therapy (AET)

In this major you complete the combined requirements for both Art Education and Art Therapy. This is the only program in Wisconsin offering the opportunity to be licensed in both Art Education and Adaptive Education for elementary to secondary students.

Art Education/Art Therapy integrates the theory and practice of Art Education with that of therapeutic applications of art, or Art Therapy. Art Therapy in educational settings is also known as Adaptive Art. AET at Alverno combines the study of art, education, adaptation and psychology as you learn the abilities and techniques you will need to help other students develop their artistic talents.  

Adaptive Art specialists are licensed educators (PK-12 Art and Adaptive Art) whose focus is providing instruction and adaptations in the visual arts through exploring art making, art history, art criticism and aesthetics, while cultivating the natural capacity within their students for joyful creative expression.

They work with people of all ages and in a variety of settings to explore visual and verbal messages, as well as to develop their physical, emotional and/or learning skills. Art Education/Art Therapy majors have four semesters of involvement in professional settings working with a variety of populations throughout the Milwaukee area before student teaching in K-12 Art and student teaching in Adaptive Art.