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Clinical Simulation Center

Clinical Simulation Center (CSC)

Simulation at Alverno



What is Simulation?

Simulation is intended to replicate real clinical experiences. In nursing education, simulation strives to replicate essential aspects of a clinical scenario in an attempt to enhance student understanding of the experience of a real clinical practice situation. The Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) allows students to participate in life-like scenarios in a safe environment where mistakes can be made within the teaching/learning process Simulating real-life experiences for students in a safe environment is conducive for developing critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment skills. Simulation can also be used as a method to teach, learn, and assess a student’s skill acquisition. Simulation has been shown to aid in retention of the knowledge and  skill abilities well beyond the actual simulated performance.


Simulation Scenarios

Simulating case scenarios in the CSC involves active participation for all students. All students and faculty will adhere to the simulation center policies and procedures. simulators are to be used with respect and treated as if they were live patients. The CSC is a learning environment  in which  students involved in simulated scenarios should be respected and given full attention during a performance. Situations simulated in the CSC are to be used as a learning tool and no discussion of the scenario or actions of fellow students should take place outside of the simulated setting. A debriefing  will be provided for all simulation experiences. After the conclusion of the simulation, the student will fill out an evaluation form and self assessment to provide an opportunity to reflect upon personal performance, the function of their healthcare team (if applicable), and of the simulation experience provided. This is an opportunity for personal and professional development through self-reflection. This is also an opportunity to provide feedback for quality improvement.

What is Debriefing?

The debriefing session involves the immediate directed self-reflection, guided feedback, and active critical thinking analysis for participants of the simulation experience. The purpose of the  debriefing assessment provides an intense analysis facilitated by the facilitator. Debriefing is meant to enhance the teaching/learning process in an effort to produce nurses that provide high quality, safe patient care that are driven to engage in lifelong learning. The process of debriefing  is presented in a positive nature to support and encourage the learning process through critical analysis.

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