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Black Student Nurses' Association BSNA

Black Student Nurses' Association

The Black Student Nurses of Alverno is an interest group affiliated with Alverno’s School of Nursing with affiliations to the Milwaukee Chapter of the National Black Nurse’s Association and the Alverno College Student Nurse's Association. Membership is open to all nursing majors or those interested in a career in nursing. The membership is not limited by race, creed or national origin. A faculty member in the nursing division serves as an advisor. BSN-A is an officially registered organization on campus.

The purposes of the Black Student Nurses of Alverno are to:

  1. Support each other, through networking and sharing of educational information to better prepare for the school’s curriculum

  2. Bridge the gap in health care education to promote quality health care practitioners

  3. Increase the visibility and accessibility of professional black nurses to young black persons. Collaborate with other groups in order to develop and maintain historical records of achievements and activities of black nurses

  4. Act as an agent to influence change in nursing legislation and health care policies

These goals are implemented through such activities as regular program meetings, special campus activities and mentorship programs with the local chapter of National Black Nurse’s Association.

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