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From Our Alums:

Just a quick word of thanks for your clinical preceptorship at Children's Hospital Milwaukee Diabetes Clinic and an assignment circa 2004 you had students do from Wong on roles of the nurse and hospital.  I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer Nurse Educator now at Suddie Public Hospital in the Essequibo region of Guyana, South America.  Those learning experiences have helped me teach a lot of others how to take care of themselves and perhaps also how to become better practitioners, even if only to spite me!  I was reading back through a clinical journal you took the time to provide feedback on and laughing at how well you understood my strengths and weaknesses.  Alverno's social interaction criteria are beautifully conceived and written, and applicable worldwide.  Thanks for all you do-- the ripple effect is amazing! 

Blessings and Enjoy Your Day :) 

Jill Maier, R.N., Alverno Alum