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MSN 635

MSN 634

MSN 635:  Practicum 2:  Advanced Primary Mental Health Care Management of the Bipolar Spectrum Disorders and the Child, Teen, and Geriatric Populations (5 credits)

Prerequisites MSN 621, 622, and 623, 634; MCP 620 and 625 completed.

Students apply skills of assessment, diagnosis and critical thinking to the advanced mental health care of the bipolar spectrum disorders as well as mental health disorders pertinent to children, teens, and geriatric populations. Students will be guided to respectfully consider the cultural, spiritual, and unique circumstances of the individual clients. Students will develop comprehensive treatment plans in collaboration with the client and/or the clients’ families. Through didactic and clinical experiences, students will be able to incorporate into the treatment plans the psychopharmacological agents approved for the treatment of bipolar spectrum disorders, ADHD in children and adults, and the dementias and mood disorders of the geriatric populations according to psychiatric guidelines and evidenced based practice.  Students will also learn and practice principles of Group Therapy as well as learn the basic components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

(This course includes a 200 hour practicum in mental health settings)

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