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MSN 636

MSN 636

MSN 636:  Practicum 3:  Advanced Primary Mental Health Care Management of the Chronic, Serious Mentally Ill, and the Substance Addicted Populations (6 credits)

Prerequisites MSN 621, 622, and 623, 634, 635; MCP 620 and 625 completed.

Students will focus their critical thinking skills on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the chronically mentally ill, the traumatized, and the substance addicted populations. Students will develop holistic, collaborative, client-centered treatment plans that take into account the special biopsychosocial needs of the psychotic, addicted, and traumatized vulnerable populations. Through didactic and clinical experiences the student will be able to include the psychopharmacological agents used to treat the spectrum of psychotic / schizophrenic disorders as well as the best evidence based pharmacological treatments for PTSD and substance addiction. Students will learn the theory of the Recovery Model of Chronic Mental Illness and acquire basic experience in the principles of Motivational Interviewing. Emphasis will also be placed on additional elements about which a competent psychiatric nurse practitioner will need to be knowledgeable including but not limited to ethics, scope and standards of psychiatric mental health nursing, accountability, quality assurance, and coding/payment structures.

(This course includes a 200 hour practicum in mental health settings)