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MSN 626

MSN 626

Advanced Primary Care Management of Vulnerable Populations (6 credits)

Prereq. MSN 625 completed.

Current CPR certification and updated immunization records required.

Students will examine the health and health care needs of vulnerable populations in the United States whom they may be serving. Vulnerable populations include: people who feel they cannot comfortably or safely access and use the standard resources. They include but are not limited to those who are physically or mentally disabled (blind, deaf, hard-of-hearing, cognitive disorders, mobility limitations), limited or non-English speaking, geographically or culturally isolated, medically or chemically dependent, homeless, frail/elderly and children. The student will be engaged in many levels of skill refinement, intellectual investigation, theoretical exploration, and evidence-based advanced nursing practice application of health assessment and physical examination approaches. Family assessment will also be covered which will include providing culturally sensitive care to clients. This course also emphasizes other issues a competent nurse practitioner will need to be knowledgeable about including: coding/payment structures, ethics and values, death/dying/grief and bereavement and topics of professionalism such as scope of practice/accountability/collaboration/ and quality assurance. As in other courses, didactic and clinical practice will also be utilized to advance critical thinking skills of the student.

(This course includes a 200-hour practicum)