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Graduate Program

Joann McGrath School of Nursing Graduate Program

An Alverno College graduate degree is not just another credential, but a relevant and rewarding experience that you can apply in your career and your life. Rather than merely learning information, you will be challenged to use what you're learning. Alverno's unique approach focuses on outcomes in which we measure how you perform, not how well you do on a test. Our programs integrate the core skills of your profession into every course. And our approach focuses on relevant, experiential, active learning that replicates professional or real-world scenarios.

You will get individualized feedback from faculty with relevant work experience. We have internationally recognized teaching methods and outstanding faculty known for their rigorous academic standards, their integration of theory into practice and emphasis on strong ethics and core values. Throughout our program, you will benefit from all those who preceded you - graduates and professionals who have helped create a demand throughout Milwaukee and across the country specifically for Alverno-trained individuals.

Alverno's master's programs are attended by a diverse group of motivated, passionate women and men who also want to learn from one another in a challenging but rewarding environment - one that duplicates the real world.

As much as we are about helping you achieve your individual power, we are about the power of collaboration and a strong community. Our curriculum is based on interpersonal skills and building leaders who don't stand alone, but engage with others. Our class structure is built to facilitate on-the-job situations that teach from experience. And our rich, diverse community encourages a global perspective. In other words, our goal is to help you become a well-rounded, sought-after professional whose experience is expanded and deepened.

We also know that you lead a very busy life and your time is precious. That's why Alverno offers its master's degrees in nursing in an every-other weekend schedule, eight weekends a semester. Faculty members are accessible because they understand the challenges of your busy lifestyle. You will find that although an Alverno graduate degree is rigorous, it is also reasonable, accommodating and highly rewarding.

Lastly, we recognize that our students are professionals, with experiences that should count for something. We challenge you to bring your experiences into the classroom, engage with your colleagues, and participate in building a rich, learning environment.